New Silk Plush Top Hats by Lock & Co

Lock & Co – the venerable establishment often called the world’s best hatter – has received a roll of classic silk plush. A customer found it in his attic, and now Lock co. has enough silk plush to make 20 or so brand new, extra large top hats. The price of these hats is understandably quite high (4500 GBP, I’ve heard), and I believe they will be used to fill back orders for extra large top hats.

Because they haven’t been manufactured except in a very haphazard way since the 1960s, I was very interested to see the manufacturing process. The good people at Lock were kind enough to send me several photos of the hats as they are being built. Here are some highlights:


Brim Curling



Measuring the Marino


Pulling some silk plush over the finished shell


Final Top Hat Shell

Many thanks to the good people at Lock & Co for sending me these photographs.

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